From women to women

Thank you very much for wanting to know more about us and Sqin :) Let's introduce ourselves. We are Paula and Laura, two girls from Elche, good friends, who decided to undertake to solve a problem we were facing.
First, we both shared personal experiences in which we had felt pressured by unrealistic beauty standards and social expectations related to body image. We knew how frustrating it could be searching for clothes that made us feel comfortable and confident with our bodies. This emotional connection to the problem prompted us to look for solutions that not only shaped the body, but also promoted self-confidence.
Additionally, we observed that the shapewear market had significant limitations. Many of the existing brands do not offer products that are truly comfortable for daily use or that will adapt to different body types. We saw an opportunity to fill this gap by creating a line of shapewear that focused on comfort and versatility, giving women a more positive and satisfying experience.
We noticed a very positive change in the perception of beauty and body image in society, driven in part by the body diversity movement and growing awareness on social media. We saw this as an opportunity to highlight and promote a more inclusive and realistic body image through our products.
Our goal is to offer solutions that will not only improve the shape of the body on a daily basis, but also strengthen the confidence and comfort of those who use them.
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